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Mosaic Art Cards



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Amy Sheetreet is the artist behind this unique range of beautiful products including:

  • Mosaic Design Note Cards, Prints and Magnets

  • Biblical Pop-Up Greeting Cards

  • Some Of Our Mosaic Art Designs  (PRINTS, CARDS AND MAGNETS)










    SET ONE: 8 cards, 2 of each of 4 different designs


    Set #2a : Assortment of 8 different designs


    Set #2a Godís Blessings / God the Creator and His Blessings
    In this series illustrations showing Godís love and care for His people. God the creator and His many blessings are for those who trust in Him and call upon His name.


    Set #3:  Assortment of 8 different cards


    We offer set #3. It consists of 8 cards and envelopes and featuring a selection of different names of God designs. On the gift box there is a list of 16 out of very many names of God with help to understand the Hebrew spelling, pronunciation and transliteration of the names.


    Set #4 : Assortment of 8 different designs


    Set #4 Godís Chosen People and Promised Land
    We read in the scriptures the many promises of God to Israel, the land and her people. These promises are everlasting and unconditional. Some are being fulfilled in this present day and there are those that we eagerly await Godís faithfulness of their glorious fulfillment!


    All Mosaic Designs May Be Purchased Individually

    New Creation Butterfly,
    Psalm 139 Baby
    5th Day of Creation Whales
    Rejoice, Your King is Coming Zachariah 9:9, Isaiah 61
    Birth of Yeshua


    These Are A Couple Of Our Examples of

    Mosaic Prints



    Mosaic Stormy Sea


    Mosaic Menorah


    • Comes in 18x13 Prints As Well As Other Sizes





    Our Biblical Pop Up Cards Product Line ................Inside and Out!



    For a complete listing of designs/cards click HERE


    Download Amy's 2014 Retail Prices and Products


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Mobile Phone 972- 52-8382377

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Amy's Designs/King's Blessings Is Located In Beautiful Haifa, Israel



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